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MAG 256 - NEW (BETA) FIRMWARE (a.7.10) lots of fixes

"Hey guys, its a pleasure to be posting here. I recently purchased a MAG256w1 , and like many of you, were suffering with a lot of bugs/glitches on the "latest" firmware (a7.7) I contacted infomir, begging them to fix these things, and I was sent a newer firmware (which was not on the FTP update page). Its version is a.7.10 I believe and is dated for around Oct 26/2016 (pretty sure) It fixes a BUNCH of problems including "HDMI CEC, YouTube, stalker more stable, no reboots/lockups. However, you must DISABLE "change screen refresh rate". (That feature never worked at all previously) It seems to do something now, but would cause my TV to flicker like mad when going back into the guide.

The firmware must be downloaded to a USB stick in a folder called mag256. THE update file must be renamed imageupdate

I want to share this with the community because it really did fix a lot of problems.

Download Link:


EDIT: After upgrading, its recommended to do a full factory reset. Go into the internal portal settings and first select " reset settings", then select "clear user data". When it reboots, you should have a clean device on latest firmware. This helped me a lot actually. I also downloaded the BIOS/bootloader file to USB and did the factory reset through there too.

However if you use the small button on the rear of the box to do the factory reset, it actually erases everything AND puts it back to the ORIGINAL firmware version that came with your box. (Not what you want)


Original Post: /u/veronicasmithen03

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