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Which keyboard air mouse remote is for you?

Have you been looking around for a keyboard air mouse remote for your set-top box device? There are a lot of popular ones out there, but not all the highest queality. We have reviewed some of OUR most popular keyboard air mouse remotes we sell and have used for a while. Check it out and if you feel like there should be one added to the list, comment below!


1. Minix A2 Air Mouse

The Minix A2 is probably one of the best android remotes on the market. It boasts an ergonomically designed keyboard, six-axis gyroscope & accelerometer support, multi-media playback buttons and built-in microphone and speaker. This remote is comfortable to use and features a tremendous amount of features. If you are trying to get the best "regular TV" experience then definitely go with this remote. It has the most "tv remote like feel" to it and the extra keyboard makes searching a breeze.

2. i8 Air Mouse

The i8 android TV remote brings back memories of the qwerty keyboard phones. If you have every used one it will remind you that typing and navigation was extremely easy. Luckily that similarity has been brought back with this keyboard. It fits very nicely into your hand and makes as an awesome way for navigating your android device. It has a sleek built in 3.5'' touch pad and is rechargeable via micro usb. If you enjoy having an entire keyboard sit comfortably in between your hands and you are constantly navigating between pages, this is your remote of choice. 

3. RC8 Air Mouse

The RC8 controller feels much less like a remote and more like a keyboard and track pad. That is because well... it is essentially that. This device is fantastic for those who love using laptops or simply enjoy typing with a keyboard. Often times the small compressed keyboards on other remotes just aren't comfortable enough. This remote is fantastic for having a "portable keyboard/mouse/remote" with you as you use your android devices. The touch pad feels much smoother than the i8 keyboard and the controller also boasts a longer functioning range, but that all comes with a minor price increase.

Just like android tv boxes there are plenty of android keyboards you can use to help watch Android TV. It all really depends on your taste. We outlined some of the three best models on the market but there are obviously plenty more that are great. It all depends on what kind of build quality you want and what kind of features you are looking for. Find which remote you relate to the best and that will probably be your best pick. We highly recommend getting a remote with a keyboard as you will be doing a lot of searching.

If you are stumped on what to get or just have questions in general feel free to contact us. We will be glad to offer you help with any Android TV related questions.


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