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Cord cutting with OTA TV

Over the Air what now? 

Over the air television or better known as OTA TV refers to watching television broadcasts in your local area. These transmissions are regularly sent out in full HD (1080p or 720p) and are completely free. You get to watch the same local channels often provided by your cable or satellite without having to pay for that cost. Often times the broadcasts are sent out by large telecom affiliates such as major news corporations or sport networks, but it is not limited to it. These signals are sent out by large transmission towers and their location from you determines their signal strength. However, our modern day boxes are good enough to pick up on even the weak signals so there hardly is any worry on poor transmissions.

Even if you already stream online or have Netflix or other similar services, OTA will complete your television experience. You should take advantage of the High Definition channels broadcasted to your local area. It actually makes no sense to give up on free Live TV when it is so easily available to you. Watching the local news stations, sport events, and even some entertainment shows and radio shows are all possible with OTA.


What channels are available with OTA in my area? 

There are a number of tools available for finding what broadcasts are available in your area. It is worthwhile to see what channels are possible for you to view before you jump head first into OTA receivers. We have linked two resources below to help you find the signals available to you. The website below only uses addresses within the United States. If you live outside the United States you have to use the latitude/longitude option instead. The second tool is used to find your exact gps location which you can copy and paste into the channel index. Most boxes can even pick up some of the weaker signals if the receiver is good, which is of course is the only kind of receiver you should be buying in the first place.

Finding the channels at a location:

Find your latitude/longitude:


How do I get it?

Now that you know enough about it you might be asking how you could get it. Well its actually quite simple. The only real investment is the receiver that you pay for once and then never again. The receivers are quite cheap and could cost you as much as a one time dinner at a restaurant. So view it like this, skip out on a meal out and receive local live television in high definition for as long as you want. Not to mention you can cut out your current cable or satellite (which in one month should pay of the receiver). That deal sounds pretty good to us, of course it is up to you to decide. Make sure the channel options are decent before jumping the gun. As always all the best receivers and other android products can be found right here at SmartBoxDirect. Head down over to the OTA section of our shop and check out some of the options available to you.


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