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TVonline+ VS MAG254

We got another comparison for you guys asking us the difference between TVonline+ and MAG254 IPTV set top box. We have created yet another great image to compare the 2 products. We find both products are relatively great for what they do but from our experience if we had to pick, it would definitely be the TVonline+ because of the built-in wi-fi and apps available on the marketplace. We will have a video coming shortly of the boxes in work!

Check it out for your self:

TVonline+ and MAG254 Comparison chart


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  • Mamun says...

    I ordered the smartbox on JULY 23rd 2016. till now I didnt received yet. I paid in full with shipping almost canadian $176.00 . i got an email on AUG 8th The box has been shipped, till now no news . I call 1-800-226-2261 nobody answer , voicemail. so i left three massages. the other hand my brother ordered he got it within a week and my sister as well. so what happen in my case i have no idea. so please i want my money back including the shipping. ,please credited to my M/C. account. full amount. ths
    anks but no thanks.

    On August 18, 2016

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